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Candidates will be notified by 26/7/2018

Length of the scholarship: 10 months. Applications may be submitted between 07/02 and 17/5 (in the preceding academic year) (17/5/2018). Successful candidates will be notified by 26/7/2017 in order to have time to make the necessary preparations in order to be in Athens on 1/9. Selection will be made by the director of the programme in consultation with the representative of the Academy. The Selection Committee is not required to justify the reasons for its final decision. Applications should be submitted electronically using the relevant form and include a statement of the reasons why the applicants wish to participate in this programme. In addition, two letters of reference (preferably from their University tutors who can confirm the candidate’s suitability for the programme-with officialy verified signature) should also be sent by post. The Evaluation Committee will assess the merits of each application and the ten finalists will be contacted for an interview (either in person or via Skype).

New Dates: All candidates will be notified by e-mail when we receive the approval of Ministries of Finance and Education.

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